Calabazas Park Courts Lighting & Improvements


San Jose, CA
Square Footage:
City of San Jose
City of San Jose
Completion Date:
April 2014
Project Duration:
4 Months
Project Cost:

Project Summary

Rodan was awarded yet another project with the City of San Jose, renovating Calabazas Park.  The main scope of work involves adding lights to the existing tennis and basketball courts, with related work including trenching, adding two new control panels, and tying into existing power provided by PG&E.

18 new fixtures will be placed around the playing courts including a new basketball court being installed at the north end of the park adjacent to the existing courts.  Rodan will also be adding new tennis court posts and nets to the three existing courts, adding 3 benches and some misc. upgraded irrigation that needed to be added for systems affected by the demo.  There will also be 2 new trees planted off of Rainbow road.

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