Dhaarani Kumar

Project Engineer

Dhaarani Kumar has been working with Rodan Builders as a Project Engineer since June 2023. Working as a Project Engineer at Rodan, Dhaarani appreciates being able to venture beyond the confines of traditional Project Engineer responsibilities. She enjoys getting to work with renovation and ground up projects, as it offers her valuable insights into the intricates of both building types and broadens her perspective on the multifaceted world of construction.

Before joining the team as a Project Engineer, Dhaarani worked as a Project Estimator at a construction company in India for two years and later obtained a master’s in construction engineering from San Jose State University in 2023. Due to her great interest in understanding sustainability and her hopes to broaden her knowledge in construction technology, she went on to receive certifications in both LEED Green Associate and ENV SP.

Outside of work, Dhaarani looks forward to water sports, such as river rafting, and plans to learn sea swimming in the near future