Juan Coronado

Project Engineer Intern

Juan, a student enrolled in the Construction Management program at CSU, East Bay, has joined Rodan Builders, Inc. as a Project Engineer Intern. During him internship, he will gain valuable hands-on experience and contribute to projects at different stages. Juan's diverse exposure will allow him to broaden his understanding of construction processes and project management. Bringing the experience of a previous internship and time spent as a plumber, he is a valuable asset to our team.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Juan finds joy in a range of activities. He has a passion for playing soccer and showcasing his skills on the field. Additionally, he enjoys participating in rodeos and finds enjoyment and self-expression through creating his own music.

With his enthusiasm for the construction industry and his diverse interests, Juan is poised to make the most of his internship experience. We are confident that his enthusiasm and dedication will contribute positively to our projects.