Rodan Completes Renovation To Historic Faculty Club at UC Berkely

Rodan Builders just completed phase 2 work on the historic Men’s Faculty Club at UC Berkeley, and has started the final phase.

The goal for this project was to renovate both the interior and exterior of the building, while preserving its historic look as if no work had been done at all.  It was a challenge to preserve the buildings historic look while replacing major structural supports, windows, custom architectural peace’s, and 100 year old wood gutters.

There were many other piece’s to this project which added to its difficulty, including a tight schedule, strict time frame at which we could work, as the building was in use during construction.  The Faculty is a very popular place to hold events, seminars, and weddings.  There is a hotel, rooms for rent for events, a full bar and kitchen that could not be disturbed.  Rodan has been able to complete our work with minimal disturbances to the Faculty Clubs daily routine.