Rodan Builders was contracted for repair and replacement of designated structural steel walkway columns at Benjamin Franklin Intermediate School and Garden Village Elementary School. The schedule was extremely aggressive, being a summer project that could only take place while the students were gone for summer break. Sequencing for this project was also key because both schools had to be completed simultaneously in under 2 months.

The main scope of work here was to demo the old rusted steel posts supporting the covered walkways on both campuses. Substantial shoring was required to support the walkways while the posts were removed and new galvanized steel post were installed. Footings for the steel were buried in concrete so precise measurements were required to ensure a proper fit for install.

Some other work on this project included ADA upgrades. Garden Village received a new ADA ramp and handrails to give proper access to the school. This work also included re-grading the parking lot to add 2 ADA parking stalls at both schools, along with new fencing being installed.