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To be successful in today’s market you need to work hard, and that means putting in the extra hours when needed.  Our team here at Rodan does what is needed to get the job done.  But there is a balance that needs to be carefully managed, and this is another area where Rodan shines.  Between our annual events like the rafting trip, golf tournament, holiday party and occupational paint ball wars between office staff and field crews, Rodan gives its employees a variety of ways to build not only our client relationships, but internally between our colleagues as well, outside the office and job site.Edited Smokey golf tournament bud girls


Members of Rodan have joined up with other local GC’s to compete in annual softball leagues and is lucky enough to have season tickets to the San Francisco Giants.  Last spring Rodan teamed up with Lazarex Cancer Foundation again for our 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament in May, which was great for the company, and our way of giving back to the community.


06-07-2014_SFA_SC_CRA_Dan Riding The Bull # 2


Rodan has many company sponsored outings as simple as going out to lunch as a group, to taking the entire company white water rafting.  Next up on the list this year is our Office vs. Field paintball war, where the office staff gets up from our comfy leather seats and throws down with our seasoned field staff.  One of the other events Rodan is watching the racing team we are a sponsor for, race in the NASCAR Pro Series Circuit.

Our company is always looking for other great ideas for an adventure, maybe your idea will be next?

HOLIDAY PARTYChip Holiday Party 2015

Our company holiday party is an event many look forward to all year.  The 2016 holiday party was hosted at the Marriott in San Mateo and it was where we had our largest turnout.  We celebrated a record year with our family, friends, and partners.  Past editions have been held at Club Fox in Redwood City.

The 2015 holiday party had a hilarious gift exchange followed by a talent show that was dominated by our own Chip Brennand (pictured on the right).  After that we enjoyed a raffle drawings, amazing food and a live band which kept the fun on the dance floor all night long.




If you are a construction professional, who takes the approach of exceeding expectations, we would like to hear from you.  Our strategy is to provide experiences that will help employees constantly grow their careers at Rodan at a pace that is rewarding for them.


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